Monday, July 7, 2008

i have to do this

We heard some tragic news yesterday in the gardens. One of the brightest, most genuine, funny, creative, good boys I've ever known dove into Utah Lake on Saturday and has not been seen since.

Craig Decker came into our lives in 1998 when Stuart and Jessie met him in band. He played the trumpet with Stu and charmed Jessie as only a 9th grade boy could. Craig was adorable, with a quick smile and endearing personality. By the time Jessie entered high school, they were all a part of the group of kids known as band geeks--kids who worked hard in band and played so well together. I cannot count the number of times they were all together, having good, clean, goofy, only-a-fellow-band-geek-can-appreciate fun. Craig was more than a little up for an adventure, as demonstrated by his invitation to Jessie to bungie jump and his ability to get her to accept and enjoy it.

I am so sad for Craig's family and all of the many people whose lives he touched. He was an amazing young man with so much potential who had lived through difficult times and remained optimistic. I will have a big hole in my heart always for this young man and his family. I hope they can find some comfort and healing through their beliefs and from the many people who surround them.

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Jessie said...

I really do like the rug, I meant to tell you that before we left. Especially since you can now vacuum most of the bathroom, but it doesn't surround the toilet. Way to shop!