Thursday, July 31, 2008

recent lovelies

Favorite local singer: Breanne doing her version of the abc song to me on the phone. If only I could have recorded it, her mouth pressed against the receiver, her sweet, high-pitched voice, every note reminding me, for some reason, of a round, red apple.

Favorite music: Sirius classic vinyl '60s & '70s classic rock cranked up on the surround sound in the house, where you get "Cisco Kid" followed by "Help" followed by "Knights in White Satin" followed by "Captain Jack" and then "Layla" and if I had been in control of the remote, I'd have rewound and played Layla over and over, reliving good memories of that song. While that would have perfect, I would have missed the Joe Cocker and the Marshall Tucker Band and so many others. Sometimes you have to let go, remember, and go on.

Favorite new pretties:

Favorite blooms in the garden:

Favorite little cat louise:


Jessie said...

I aspire to have gardens like yours someday.

And I'll try to get Breanne on video for you. Or maybe just don't answer your phone once in a while, and we'll leave a message.

gilian said...

now these, these pictures are my are the gardens and the taste in jewelry and adorable black kitties.

Jessie said...

LOVE the new header, btw.