Thursday, July 17, 2008

five things i've learned in the past five years

1. if there's one, there is likely more--bugs, spiders, mice, ticks...
2. kids know what feels real.
3. there's always something to see if you look.
4. life can change in a second.
5. the more you want, the more it costs.

you, dear reader, what have you learned in the past five years? tell me please, i need to know.

i miss you and your insight when you withhold your comments...


Joey said...

1. Things always work out and worrying doesn't help.

2. Simple pleasures really are the best.

3. It's not too fun getting old.

4. You have to work at love.

5. Old friends are always the best friends.

Lisa B. said...

1. listen to your dog and cat--they know stuff you don't.
2. ambition is overrated.
3. nothing lasts forever so you should enjoy what you enjoy while you can.
4. beauty is everywhere, if you use the right eyes to see it.
5. everyone deserves his or her own art.

and one bonus:

6. most of the time, you will be an unreliable predictor of what's going to happen in your life--so be prepared to be surprised.

gilian said...

joey! you must be blogging! i will find you and read you often. And such truisms you've shared.

gilian said...

lisa b.

brilliant as always. insightful. so true. it is good to find your own art.