Friday, January 28, 2011

about school

Earned so far:

Associate of Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies
Associate of Science degree in Economics

Still to come:

Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies
Minor in Business Management

And because I'm a total over-achiever:

As part of the Bachelor's degree, take the required courses that will allow me to take the Real Estate certification test. Not because I've ever had a screaming desire to sell real estate, but because it's there and we all know I can't pass up an opportunity.

Oh, and as part of the Bachelor's degree, I'm also taking a couple of marketing classes in the entrepreneurial field because there's this stretch of highway between my school and my job that has no--absolutely none, not one--gas station or 7/11 or bathroom and I keep thinking that if I come into a small fortune and decide to give up my day job and my real estate agent plan, I could always buy some property along that stretch of highway and build a gas station/minimart/place with bathrooms and have my own business. It would need to have a Subway or something healthy like that in addition to Little Debbie's and Diet Coke.

So. That's my career plans. Briefly.

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Lisa B. said...

Oh, thank you for this entirely satisfying update. I am so pleased to know this! It is awesome. And did I ever tell you that I wanted to buy this one piece of property in WJ and build a Mexican coffee shop? I had a pretty good idea of what that might be back then. But then someone else bought the property and now it is an Arctic Circle, which I frequent especially in the summertime for strawberry/banana sundaes.

I hope you get to buy a property.

Also I love your outfit in that header. Well played, Ms. Gilian. Well played.