Friday, January 14, 2011

little bits of chicken

So tonight, I'm feeling really crappy, not like fixing dinner, but during the NBC news I kept hearing a commercial over and over about a great deal on a bucket of KFC, so I suggest to Jack that maybe he could pick up something like that for dinner, which he does.

We eat our KFC, Jack and Jr and me, and as we're finishing up, Jack puts a little bit of chicken on my plate, so I eat it. Then he puts a couple more little bits on my plate, and I'm thinking, well isn't that nice of him to make sure I'm getting enough protein, and then he looks me in the eye and asks what I'm doing, eating that chicken he's cutting up for the dogs--you know, Jo can have his plate and Gus can have mine.

Silly me, thinking it was for me just because he was putting it on my plate. So funny.

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