Tuesday, January 25, 2011

shopping and gorilla super glue

You know how I am about lists, right?

So Jr and I went shopping on Sunday with my list from Alicia Richmond from my closet cleanout/outfit creation event. Let's just say that I didn't find everything on the list because I a) ran out of time, b) thought I'd only spend $100 or so that day, and c) well, I did get nearly everything on the list and I spent waay more than planned.

But shopping with Jr is always a blast. And I am all about finishing off my list, right? So, check, check, check!

Jr and I only picked up a few things that weren't on the list--an adorable jacket that was a steal, and a bunch of jewelry that was such a deal-80% off for some of it--that we couldn't pass up. I needed some chunky wooden jewelry and found just such a bracelet that came with a cute companion bracelet that was metal with an ivory and brown inset. I'm pretty sure that the reason that particular set of jewelry was such a deal is because the ivory and brown part was unnoticeably broken when we bought it--and it broke into four pieces when one of the girls dropped it on the carpet.

This is where the Gorilla Super Glue comes into the story. Last night, I got out my little bottle of Gorilla Super Glue. It's a little tiny, harmless looking bottle. I squirted a bit of the glue on the metal part of the bracelet and slipped one of the ivory and brown parts onto it. Squirted a bit more glue on it, a little more ivory and brown. More glue, more ivory and brown. And final bit of glue and final ivory and brown. Seems simple enough, right?

I'm squeezing the ivory and brown sections together because they're a bit loose, but it's all looking good.

Until I realize that the glue is oozing out around the edges and onto my fingers and thumbs and onto the bracelet--and did I mention the Gorilla Super Glue sets up in 30 seconds or something really quick like that? And the bracelet and I are becoming one? Along with the bottle of Gorilla Super Glue. And the tissue that for some reason I thought would be good to use to wipe off the excess Gorilla Super Glue. But it turns out that tissue isn't really good for wiping off excess Gorilla Super Glue. And water isn't good for wiping off excess Gorilla Super Glue either. Nor is hot soapy water.

It isn't a good idea to try to pull the bottle of Gorilla Super Glue off of your thumb either, unless you want the little teeny writing on the bottle of the Gorilla Super Glue to stay on your thumb where you will be unable to a) remove it or b) read it. Even if it happens to contain the instructions for removing Gorilla Super Glue from your skin.

So then, I thought, hmmm, do I call Poison Control about this situation? And then I remember Google--place with all the answers--so I Google "Gorilla Glue" and one of the first options is "First Aid" and I just have to chose one of the four options: Removing Gorilla Super Glue from your skin, What if I get Gorilla Super Glue in my eyes? What if I swallow Gorilla Super Glue? or What if I breathe in Gorilla Super Glue?

Let's just say that I was so relieved that a) the Gorilla Super Glue was dry enough that I didn't stick to my computer keys, and b) I only got Gorilla Super Glue on my hands and not in my eyes or mouth or nose or lungs.

Turns out that Gorilla Super Glue may be removed by gently rubbing the skin under warm, soapy water or by rubbing with acetone. That warm, soapy water thing? Doesn't work when the Gorilla Super Glue is dry. And the fingernail polish remover I have in my house? No-acetone formula, which is more gentle for the nails. And doesn't remove Gorilla Super Glue. But at least I didn't stick to the hot or cold water taps or the fingernail polish remover bottle or the cottonball I used to try to remove the Gorilla Super Glue.

According to the directions on my thumb, and the directions online, it appears that the most important thing is to not try to peel off the Gorilla Super Glue. Rubbing is okay. Peeling is not.

Sanding worked really well on the ivory and brown and metal part of the bracelet. Well, not really sanding, more filing, like with, of course, a fingernail file. Emery board is what I used to sand off the dried excess glue that was on the bracelet. But I did not use it to file the excess glue and tissue that was on all of my fingers, both of my thumbs, and also dotted about on my hands. But not my nose, mouth, or lungs, so see, that's good.

And tonight, just 24 hours later, I think almost all of the Gorilla Super Glue has been rubbed or washed off of me. I am so relieved to not be stuck to the bracelet and the bottle of glue and the tissue and the hot and cold taps and the fingernail polish remover and the cottonball and my computer keys and GusGus and JoJo and maybe a cat or two and who knows what else.

Not sure I can wear that bracelet now...


Jessie said...

I think you have to wear it now, right? You have a bond with it. (hyuk hyuk hyuk). :)

Johanna said...

Oh, I hate that feeling. Ick.