Sunday, January 9, 2011

i admit it

I'm exhausted. I need to get back to work to rest.

I attended my first class Friday morning at 7:00 am. Yes, it's 35 miles away.

I had hoped to be able to maybe attend only occasionally or perhaps even test out, but no, this class (in which I will learn over the next 16 weeks to write a really good resume and cover letter) requires attendance every week because half of the grade is based on attendance.

After class on Friday, since it was an off day, I headed one exit south to Jessie's for a quick visit with her and the girls accompanied by homemade oatmeal applesauce muffins and o.j. It was very nice.

Next, I headed home to finish cleaning out my closets and sorting through the clothes and coats, eventually filling up my car with clothes and coats that Jack and I dropped of at The Road Home. I thought about taking a picture of the embarrassingly large pile of empty hangers, but instead hauled them to the garage. Meant to take them to the trash, but got distracted, so if you need any hangers, I know where you could score a bunch.

It seems like there was a bunch of cleaning and laundering and such, but it escapes me right now.

Saturday morning, it was back to school at 8:00 a.m. for my Race & Ethnicity class followed at 10:45 by my Business Law class. I'm going to try to withhold judgment on the classes for now, but let's just say that after the first class I wanted to discipline several classmates for how totally clueless they seemed to be, but maybe that's why we get to take this class, right? The second class was a total exercise in biting my tongue, although it probably didn't seem that way to my classmates or teacher. For most of the two plus hours, I wanted to ask him to site his sources because it felt so questionably biased, like maybe I had entered the wrong room and was in conservative news 1010? I don't know, it was just discouraging. But I will persevere, I will continue to attend, I will raise my hand and my voice as often as, well, as often as I can, even if the three kids behind me continue to sigh and moan every time I speak.

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning and making a yummy dessert for later after dinner with Colleen and Gary and then just dancing with them and Sugar and Fenton. We haven't had a fun night out with friends like that in I don't know how long.

Today began with breakfast with Stu and his family and the drummer and his girl and Jr and Jack. It is good to eat together. And then just dance together. And then nap before Jessie and her brood came up for dinner and more dancing.

Food and dancing and school. That's my life. Not so bad, really. Pretty great, really.

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Lisa B. said...

A life filled with family is amazing, it's wonderful, it's beyond . . . and sometimes it is a little exhausting. Thanks for being honest there. I appreciate it. It's exactly how it feels to me.