Sunday, November 2, 2008

dinner tonight

Clean, cleaned, cleanity cleaned.
Created seven pies.
Prepared dinner--chicken parm, fresh veggies, spaghetti.
Entertained--well, okay, served the food, yes, an hour late, but tasty, just the same.
And the pie, oh, oh, oh the pie.
Sadly, bade goodbye to the girls (no, it is never enough time)
Tidied up and loaded mounds of dishes into the dishwasher while Jack (the amazing Jack) washed the pans and the pots and the empty pie plates.
Realized that the best moments of the evening were Janey's smile, and also listening to the squeals of delight from the room the girls were playing in, matched only by the realization that the word Audrey was calling out--bbbbnnnnnn, bbbnnnn, oh no, bbbbnnnnn--was the way she pronounced the name of her friend and cousin--Breanne, as she searched the house to find her.

So deeply satisfying to see them enjoy each other.


Jessie said...

It was indeed a very nice evening. Thank you for hosting us all, and for the delicious pie. It is so nice to get to relax for a little bit while someone else makes the food and plays with the girls--thank you for providing a safe place for them to play that they love.

Stu said...

and I'm sorry that we had to bail so soon. Audrey seems to be feeling a little better, but both me and Shi are still feeling crappy. Sorry if we gave it to you :(