Tuesday, November 11, 2008

yes, another list

i wish...

i'd been more clear in my last post--i no longer see the pill-dispensing doc.

mean people recognized their meanness and immediately sent it packing.

good dogs didn't get old.

seriously great treats (my homemade pie, brownies, cream puffs, you know what i'm talking about, right?) were health-inducing, and only the 'waste of good sugar' treats (like those pale orange candy sugar marshmallow peanuts and those sugar easter eggs with the hard shells and hollow insides) were unhealthy.

dust bunnies and their compatriots were more attractive than cat nip to cats and were the best way to prevent fur balls in those same cats.

the time i can't spend with those i love didn't exist so that all time could be with those i care about so much.

people could cry when they needed to and smile more than cry, because they feel joy more than pain.

rainy days were 'in' days for adults--no going outside to go to work or school or appointments.

rainy days were only 'out' days for the adults who need to splash in the puddles.

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