Saturday, November 22, 2008

seriously, is it me?

This morning, after breakfast at the IHOP, Sugar and I decided to do some shopping, but first I needed to stop at my financial institution to deposit a check. We pulled up to the window in the drive-up lane and demanded to see Jr because he's a teller there. That always startles the newbie tellers and dang if it didn't work today. Jr came over to tell Wes that it was his mom, not to worry, and while Wes deposited the check into my account, Jr asked if I'd get him a chai tea at the Starbucks next door and when I said yes, he passed me my receipt with a note that gave me detailed instructions about how to order his tea and to also, please, pick up a couple of pieces of banana nut loaf. I told him I'd be back in a minute with his tea and I'd be sending it through the drive-up window drawer, unless, of course, Jr decided to meet me out front to pick it up.

Sugar and I went through the Starbucks drive-through and picked up Jr's order and then we returned to the drive-up lane to give Jr his breakfast. I pulled up behind a truck in the lane closest to the building. Wes was doing his best to quickly help the guy in the truck, but after a minute, I decided to go to the next lane, one of the lanes with a tube that shoots transactions up and into the bank, intending to press the call button to tell Jr to meet me out front.

As I started driving into the center lane, Sugar, with an urgency in her voice that I don't think I've heard ever before, yelled out, "Hey, wait, you can't send Jr his tea from this lane!" And at the same instant, Jr said that inside the bank, Wes was urging him to "Stop your mom before she puts that hot tea into the tube!!!"

After I stopped laughing hysterically and Jr came outside to pick up his tea and then went back inside to calm down Wes and the rest of the employees in the lobby, I wondered if maybe I still have some of the outer crazy to rope in, or if Wes and Sugar think I look just young and rebellious enough to follow through on my offer (perhaps viewed as a threat?) to deliver Jr's tea through the drive-up?