Wednesday, November 19, 2008

willie nelson may be right again

Several years ago, I read or heard Willie Nelson say that his life was really good right then, but he wasn't sure that was so good for his songwriting. He couldn't write when he was feeling great.

After my lame post of yesterday, I started thinking long and hard about Willie. And the life and times of Gilian. (Did I just refer to myself in the third person? arg. It's worse than I thought.)

I don't remember if I've posted any random thoughts lately, but these are the most recent--

1. I am almost off all of the drugs--just four more low, low doses of the anti-d's and then it's just a matter of time until I lose the anti-d/sleep inducer, which likely means the crazy, chaotic, entertaining, glimpse into my psychi dreams will end or I won't be able to remember them--but, anyway, the drug year is coming to an end.

2. Sometimes--like when I'm trying to post every day--in my mind, I hear the Sesame Street episode where Telly and Baby Bear are trying to figure out how to get the word "DOG" to get back in Abbi Kadabbi's magic book, and even though Telly thinks and thinks, his brain will not alert him to a good idea with a 'DING'. He thinks and thinks and finally admits, "I got nothin'."

3. Today I am hopeful. Jr seems happier, Jr and the Drummer are hanging out and enjoying each other, and in some cases, are contemplating dating, and in other cases, moved from contemplating dating to actually going on a date, Audrey will be a big sister next summer, Jack and I are in tune, Cory got a job, Jessie and the girls seem happy, scientists announced today that they had successfully used stem cells to replace an organ in a French woman, Dooce is pregnant, and well, I heard on the news, that O'Bama beat McCain by 296 votes in Salt Lake County.

4. With so much good in my world, it's no wonder I'm having a hard time writing. Perhaps my post today can be a reminder to those who are still in the dark or painful or extremely creative place that sometimes it can be light, painfree, and maybe even less creative, but still very good.

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