Thursday, November 20, 2008

worst case scenario

Remember the other day when I blogged about some bits of news, and then when I blogged about feeling so hopeful? See, if I were in my right mind (or wherever it is in my head where I keep everything straight--obviously a very small, unused room) I would have the door slightly ajar to the nagging feeling room in my brain and not spat right in the face of the fates or whatever it is that happens when I proclaim all is well.

And here are thing 1 and thing 2 for today:

1. The doc followed up with Stu today. Those three higher than normal numbers were high even for Stu, oh, and yes, so is the bilirubin number. More tests today, results tomorrow. Worst case scenario: scope of liver ducts, early December; still worst case scenario: scope within a scope (hello again, mr. spyglass scope, aka the scope the doc uses to biopsy ducts); and worst of all worst case scenarios: biopsies show atypical cells, i.e., cancer, which puts Stu in the liver transplant program and at the top of the liver transplant recipient list.

I keep telling myself--worse case scenario, worse case scenario...

To remind myself that all of #1 above are clearly the worst case scenario(s) and most, if not all of them will not occur in the near future--when I start thinking that these scenarios are imminent, I will instead think of times like this afternoon when:

2. My phone rang and Jr was calling to tell me that Ann Taylor is closing a bunch of stores after Christmas so if I happen to have any gift cards from Ann, I better use them quickly before they are no longer valid.

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Stu said...

That's a pretty worst case scenario... you better use those cards quick like.