Saturday, November 8, 2008

not without my purse

Jack and I met up with Jessie, Cory and the girls for lunch today. (Don't tell Jessie, but Janey really likes little bits of those Cafe Rio grilled tortillas that wrap around the mahi mahi tacos.)

We got there a few minutes before they did, and when they pulled in and parked, Jack and I walked towards their car to dote on the girlies, because, hello, that's what grammas do (according to one of the Merriam-Webster crossword puzzles online today). It looked like Cory and Breanne were having a bit of a discussion about something he wanted her to leave in the car that she didn't want to leave. He told her he didn't want her to lose it, and she was having no part of his logic and was on the verge of her version of those 'Daddy, how can you say no to me' tears. Cory gave in quickly and Breanne emerged triumphant from the car with her Bahamas Elmo purse that contained her pink flowered shades and her tiny Snow White doll and Ms White's three extra plastic outfits.

And even though I am considerably older than Breanne (and by older, I mean, of course I'm older, I'm her doting gramma) when it come to purses, we belong to the sisterhood. The sisterhood of the purse. We need our purses. We love our purses and even though we have more than one purse, we can love more than one purse. We love the purse that our shades are in. And then we love the next one that holds our shades, and sometimes, we have more purses than non-sisterhood members could ever understand.

I rarely go anywhere without my purse and it always contains mints or gum or some tasty snack, as well as my shades and my keychain that has a toy on it to entertain me when things are slow. Breanne had her shades and her toy, but she needed some snacks, which I gave to her in the form of a tin of dark chocolate-covered altoids.

And as a fellow member of the sisterhood, she shared them with me until our food arrived. Now she has a lovely tin to hold her treasures in her purse.

Tell me, if you are part of the sisterhood, what do you always carry in your purse?


Jessie said...

My purses have all been confiscated by a much younger member of the purse-sisterhood. Leaving me a member of the diaper-bag-divas. I would like to point out that mine is a very cute diaper bag, though.

Funny thing about the mint tin... Breanne cried the entire way home because she wanted to give it back to you. She couldn't believe we weren't going to your house to give it back. Oh, and if you were wondering where we were walking to (if you saw us, that is), we went to see all the puppies for sale by the circle. Very cute little (and big--labs!) dogs for sale... maybe someday we'll have one, but not just yet.

And as if I didn't see you feeding Janey tortillas... sheesh. Silly Gramma.

Thanks for lunch, it was wonderful.

Lisa B. said...

What DON'T I carry in my purse? For one thing, more lipstick than one person could possibly need.

Also, I have more purses than one person could possibly need, but that's another topic, right?