Friday, November 28, 2008

thanksgiving 2008--brought to you by jr

Yes, I had more of the gum graft surgery on the day before Thanksgiving--long story, but it was a timing, healing, following up thing--so more than a week before the big day, Jr announced that it was time for me to put together a list of cleaning, shopping, cooking, and preparing chores and a timeline for completion of such, so that if the almost-an-eagle-scout dentist was right this time and my mouth was sore, we could still enjoy Thanksgiving in the gardens.

Jr, with backup from Jack and Herschel (and some from Stu, Shi, and me) created and served a wonderful feast--

13--count 'em--13 pies
(apple, pumpkin, pecan, berry)
(check out the huge bowl of yummy fruit salad on the bar)

homemade, from scratch, rolls
(yes, jr cleaned the toaster!)

the drummer candying his favorite
sweet potatoes

just for fun--a lovely berries, bananas,
heart-shaped raspberry jello
(yes, that's stuffing in the background
and very ripe bananas)

some of us like very ripe bananas
(check out those veggies)

what a beautiful table!
with herschel's other contribution
next time you eat at a place with cloth napkins--
remember, these are not as easy as they look

the company--uncle boyd

great gramma, shi and the darling

four men and a turkey

and what is a thanksgiving feast
without a cat by the fire?


if you check out the counters and the sink in these photos,
you can probably guess my contribution to the day


Lisa B. said...

Wow. I said, "WOW."

Jessie said...

Sounds delicious. I'm excited to be a part of such a celebration next year! Way to take care of things, Jr and helpers. We'll probably be up on Sunday to help finish off all the delicious pie. Oh, and to celebrate that one kid's birthday, of course.